Fragment från ett sekel

An audiovisual concert with sounds, voices and stories from Kaskinen and Ostrobothnia.

Keyboards: Audun Nedrelid

Guitar: Anton Lindholm

Bass: Mikael Skogberg

Drums: Patrik Björni

Composition and film: Audun Nedrelid

Sound design: Mikael Södergrann


Friday January 20, 2023  - Ritz, Vasa

Wednesday January 25, 2023   - Frans Henriksson's hall, Närpes

Thursday April 20, 2023 - Työväentalo, Kaskö

"Fragment från ett Sekel" (Fragment from a Century") is a concert where music is presented together with sounds, voices and stories from Ostrobothnia today with references to the last century. The premiere took place at the Ritz, which has both a cinema hall and a concert hall ensemble, consisting of keyboards, drums, bass and guitar playing live over together with the cinema's surround system. Projections with images and film was shown simultaneously on the screen, giving the audience a mix of concert and cinema experience.

The theme of the concert refers to elements that have been and are important to people in the last century; the cycle of life through birth and death, love and grief, trauma in war, work and life's duty and struggle. This is presented in fragmented form through human sounds from industry and infrastructure to language and culture mixed with universal sounds from weather and nature. As a narrative structure, small fragments of personal stories taken from interviews with different people of different ages are included as part of the music and soundscape. The project wants to take the century, which is something very big, and make it small and personal.

The band consists of musicians from both the jazz and rock scene in Finland. Patrik Björni (drums), Anton Lindholm (guitar) and Mikael Skogberg (bass) have backgrounds from bands such as Noste, 1g3b, Henri Aalto Band, Patrik Björni Trio, Supersoaker, Nektor and Kouzin Bedlam. Audun Nedrelid (keyboards) comes from Norway, but lives in Kaskö and has a background in the music scene in Norway and the Czech Republic.

With support from Svenska kulturfonden, Konstsamfundet and Svensk-Österbottniska Samfundet.

See an musical extract here.

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